Content Strategy

  • If you focus on design, user experience, SEO, or social media, let’s talk. What do you really want? Maybe to clarify the needs of your product marketing team or clients? Maybe to minimize rounds of revision and bring the project in on time and on budget? Maybe to create a consistent, cohesive user experience in which content and design play well together? Whatever your area of focus, partnering with a content strategist can help you hit those goals.

    We’ll talk about how you can incorporate insight from content strategy into your next project to strengthen your work. Learn how the questions a content strategist brings to the table and enrich your deliverables and benefit your end users. You’ll discover the common foundation of content and design—and how to integrate content strategy in your next pitch to internal stakeholders.


    • Get everyone on the same page by starting with an overview of content strategy–where it came from, how we define it, where it’s going, and how it complements content marketing
    • Draw on a combination of case studies, discussion, and exercises with an industry veteran fluent in corporate content strategy and consulting
    • Uncover the pain points that your team members share, regardless of job title, and how content strategy can help resolve many of those issues
    • Bring your team up to speed with a sustainable process of maintaining web-based experiences—leave behind “launch it and forget it” thinking and waste
    • Develop skills to more efficiently and consistently deliver experiences that serve your organization and your target audience

    What You’ll Learn

    • How to augment and strengthen what you already do
    • How to identify triggers, opportunities, and content challenges that can trip you up–and slow your work—later on
    • How to prioritize your client or organization’s communication goals–and help them uphold that vision
    • How to prevent stakeholder seagulling that derails projects and burns budgets
    • How to reframe and reposition tactical fiats and arbitrary calls to implement the next big thing (e.g. why don’t we have a Pinterstagrambook strategy yet?!)
    • How to make the case for content strategy in your organization by demonstrating the value to designers, social media specialists, copywriters, information architects, project managers, and others—or invite them to attend and hear for themselves!

    Who Should Attend

    Information architects, designers, project managers, copywriters, social media managers, creative directors—and yes, even content strategists if you need help evangelizing your value.