Conversations with Things Cover

Conversations with Things

UX Design for Chat and Voice

By Diana Deibel & Rebecca Evanhoe

To be published: 2021

Everyone’s talking to computers these days, but most voice and chatbot experiences are unhelpful, awkward, hard to navigate — or even offensive, biased, and exclusive. We need conversational interfaces that are useful, effective, and ethical. This book will teach you how to get there by keeping human needs at the center of conversational interface design.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Why Conversational Interfaces Need UX

Chapter 1: “Hello, world:” What Is a Conversational Interface?
Chapter 2: Language: The Right Interface for the Job
Chapter 3: Conversation Designers to the Rescue

Section 2: The Elements of Conversation Design

Chapter 4: How Humans Do It
Chapter 5: Crafting Trustworthy Personas
Chapter 6: Understanding Context

Section 3: Designing Both Ends of the Conversation

Chapter 7: Prompts: Where UX Meets UI
Chapter 8: Pathways and Logic
Chapter 9: Defining Intuitive, Flexible Interactions
Chapter 10: Complex Conversations

Section 4: Keeping It Human

Chapter 11: Designing Respect
Chapter 12: Doing It Right