The Leader’s Journey Cover

The Leader’s Journey

Transforming Your Leadership to Achieve the Extraordinary

By Donna Lichaw

Published: May 2023
Paperback: 200 pages
ISBN: 978-1-959029-13-7
Digital ISBN: 978-1-959029-31-1

No one gives you a manual for how to be a great leader. Enter Donna Lichaw. Her step-by-step book draws on psychology, neuroscience, design thinking, and years of coaching experience to help you activate your superpowers and achieve your mission. You’ll transform yourself, your team, and your business into a league of superheroes poised for success. Follow her blueprint to:

  • Figure out your core story of who you are as a leader.
  • Identify your superpowers and use them for good.
  • Map your mission as a leader in order to achieve your goals and make an impact.
  • Develop your strategic roadmap by thinking like a storyteller.
  • Learn how to handle tough decisions and move forward with purpose.
  • Transform your fears from impediments to assets.
  • Engage your superfriends, allies, and even your supervillains so that you can all be super together.
  • Reflect back on your journey and build energy for your next mission.

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This book is for even the most reticent of leaders, those who aren’t sure, deep-down, if they can truly show up for their team. With The Leader’s Journey, Lichaw is right there by your side, teaming up so you can feel connected to the leader you want to be and make a plan for getting there.

 —Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management

Donna Lichaw gives us a leader’s guide to being true to ourselves and developing our superpowers, as well as leading us through uncertainty to impact.

—Shay Howe, CMO, ActiveCampaign, co-founder, Lead Honestly 

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Why should anyone be led by me?’ Let your story answer that question for you. The Leader’s Journey teaches you how.

 —Eduardo Ortiz, CEO and co-founder, Coforma

Donna Lichaw busts the myth that there’s one uniform set of leadership qualities. Her latest book, The Leader’s Journey, provides a path for discovering your unique superpowers and how to harness them effectively.

—Alexis Lloyd, Senior UX Director, Google

Donna uses incredible storytelling to provide the actionable steps you’ll need to become a better leader. The Leader’s Journey crams years of executive coaching into a fast and engaging read.

 —Tom Alterman, Head of Product, Revenue & Monetization, Asana

Finally a book that doesn’t treat leadership styles as one-size-fits-all. The Leader’s Journey helped me think through how to tell my own story as a leader and use the superpowers I identified to lead more effectively. It will help you do the same!

—Melissa Perri, author of Escaping the Build Trap and Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Donna’s new book is a beautiful blueprint for finding clarity in the chaos of leadership and writing your own super story.

—Emily Davis, Chief Product Officer, Skillcrush

Lichaw brilliantly weaves together stories from her executive coaching practice and pop culture to deliver this secret decoder ring for discovering and understanding your superpowers, and how to use them to shape your story together with the heroes you lead.

—Scott Trudeau, CTO, Listings Project

Lichaw’s book is easy-to-read, relatable, and gives advice that one can actually act on. It’s a great read for those of us who are looking for some guidance and structure when it comes to professional growth

––Fatima Husain, Managing Director and General Partner, Mastry Ventures

Table of Contents

Part I: Identity

Chapter 1: Your Core Identity Narrative
Chapter 2: Unlocking Your Story

Part II: Superpowers

Chapter 3: Activate Your Superpowers
Chapter 4: Manage Your Kryptonite

Part III: Mission

Chapter 5: Backcast Your Future
Chapter 6: Choose Your Own Adventure
Chapter 7: Tame Your Horror Stories

Part IV: Impact

Chapter 8: Assessing Your Impact
Chapter 9: Managing Conflict
Chapter 10: Reflecting On Your Journey
Chapter 11: Own Your Story