Videoconference: “Power of Insights: Why sharing is better than silos with Uber’s Insights Platform”

“Power of Insights: Why sharing is better than silos with Uber’s Insights Platform” with Etienne Fang, Staff Insights Strategist at Uber

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Uber is powered by insights. Chances are good that your company is, too. We’ve all had firsthand experiences of an inconvenient truth: insights are only as good as our ability to make use of them, and centralizing insights in a tool is only one piece of the puzzle. In this session we’ll not only share how we created our insights database, Kaleidoscope, but also what we’ve learned about changing behavior through partnerships and processes at an organizational level.

About Etienne
Etienne Fang leads the Insights Platform at Uber where she and her team built and manage the company’s first insights database. She is dedicated to increasing the impact of insights globally and cross-functionally at the company to enhance collaboration. With nearly two decades of experience in research, design, and strategy, Etienne thrives at the convergence of these disciplines to create new value for organizations.

Etienne has founded and led Brand and Consumer Strategy practices at VF Corporation (Vans, North Face, Timberland) and Method Products, and has led Innovation Design at The Clorox Company. Etienne has led strategic initiatives in-house and agency side for The Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart, P&G, The Gap Inc., Toyota, Levi Strauss & Co., McDonald’s, Pfizer, and IBM.

In and outside of work, she is passionate about people and the power of their stories to inspire change. She is the founder of The “Having It All” Project, a photojournalistic inquiry into what “having it all” means to real women today. She has interviewed women from Myanmar to Mexico, Italy to India to learn about women’s challenges across a variety of cultures, with the singular aim of expanding our perspectives.