Researching the Researchers: From 721 responses to 5 personas to a new conference

January 12, 2022

Four members of our Advancing Research curation team join Lou on the Rosenfeld Review podcast to discuss the research they did to help shape our inaugural Advancing Research conference (New York City; March 30-April 1, 2020). The team analyzed over 700 survey responses (including about 10,000 answers to open-ended questions!) to learn about user and customer researchers, their learning behaviors, and what they want from conference experiences. Read their summary of the results here. You can also explore the study’s quantitative data yourself via Tableau.

Podcast guests:
Abby Covert (principal investigator), Staff Information Architect at Etsy
Sean Oslin, Consultant at Aventine Hill Partners
Rocio Werner, Senior User Experience Researcher at ZS
Patricia Thommi, User Experience Researcher at ZS

The rest of the team:
Johan Sarmiento, Steve Portigal, Natalie Hanson, Lou Rosenfeld