Videoconference: The Future of UX Research with Monty Hammontree

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    December 3, 4-5pm EST

    Monty Hammontree will share his take on the future of User Experience Research and how that extends out beyond traditional UX researchers to everyone trying to bring the customer to the forefront of decision making—to everyone striving to be customer connected and data-driven.  It extends out beyond traditional research roles to everyone involved in the product making process, such as, Designer, Product Managers, and Software Engineers. He believes the heart and soul of the future of user research as a discipline lies not in trying to create a dynamic where, “the few endeavor to learn on behalf of the many but rather lies in expanding the role to focus on empowering the many to learn.”

    Monty Hammontree is the Partner Director of User Experience Research for Microsoft’s developer tools and platforms division. He has over 30 years of industry experience in product design and user research management. In recent years Monty has been at the forefront of the formation and adoption of “lean” customer, product, business development, and innovation best practices within Microsoft. A primary theme of his career is the development and utilization of team-based techniques for uncovering innovation opportunities, exploring creative concepts, visualizing solution alternatives, and evaluating/refining candidate solutions. Monty lives with his wife Amy and their two Newfoundland dogs, Rosie and Buddy, in their proverbially dream house on a lake in South Carolina. From his newly found remote workplace he thoroughly enjoys glancing over his desktop monitors at the blue waters of lake Keowee as he works.  His five children, now grown, and six grandchildren are the pride of his life and his never-ending fountain of youth. He holds a PhD in Human Factors Engineering from Old Dominion University.

    —Lou Rosenfeld and Kate Towsey, Advancing Research Community Co-curators