Make It So: Using Science Fiction to Uncover New Interface Opportunities

A full-day workshop with Nathan Shedroff

Everything you and your team imagines for your website, app, or game interface is much more limited in scope than you think—and than it needs to be.

New opportunities that break paradigms are difficult to imagine and implement because of the assumptions and limitations we unconsciously put on ourselves, our teams, and our customers. Yet, there are opportunities to discover in just a day that can cause you to reimagine what your product or service can be and the experience it can create for your customers and users. In addition, a new vision of possible interactions and services can differentiate your offering from others in leaps and bounds.

Science Fiction and other speculative techniques are already used by other companies to unlock possibilities for real world products and services. There are over 100 lessons to be learned from science fiction films and television alone and these lessons inspire new experiences and can even validate customer understanding. This workshop will quickly share lessons culled from speculative interfaces unconstrained from traditional limitations, with examples, and prompt you to brainstorm around the aspects of your offering and formulate new incarnations of your interfaces. You will work evolving your own, current interfaces and leave with new ideas to take back to your teams and organizations. Using science fiction as a prompt will give you valuable insights.


The day will include:

  • A very quick overview of science fiction interface lessons and how these relate to real world work
  • Several exercises, using your own projects, that unlock new opportunities for your current interface
  • A rich combination of lecture and hands-on exercises
  • A handout, including all of the lessons so far uncovered, to use on your projects moving forward and sharing with your team
  • A process for further investigations, based on the process used to uncover these lessons
  • A copy of our new book, Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons From Science Fiction
  • New ideas and insights that you can't attain in any other way

What You'll Learn

  • How to reimagine your product or service for a new medium
  • Ways to reframe and reposition your project with technologies like gesture, augmented reality, and anthropomorphism
  • How to transpose your interface into new territories, whether visually or auditorially

Who Should Attend

Information architects, content strategists, user researchers, visual designers, UX team managers, product managers, engineers, and anyone who is responsible for managing and improving websites, intranets, mobile and game interfaces.

One more thing: at the end of the workshop, we'll present you with a certificate of completion.