Using Mental Models for Tactics and Strategy


Live webinar took place on December 11, 2008

Recording length is approximately one hour.

You've researched your customers, aligned your product offerings with their behavior, and successfully used this mental model to guide your design. But as time passes, you see products, staff, and even whole business units come and go. How do you manage your design so it stays in sync with your organization?

In this recorded Future Practice Webinar, author Indi Young (bio) introduces mental models, describes how they benefit tactical design projects, and shows how you can use them to manage strategic change.

Learn to use mental models strategically and tactically, and get a taste of the webinar's content by watching this two and a half minute sample on BlipTV or by reading this brief interview with Indi. You can also learn more from the live webinar's attendees' notes posted in Twitter.

The Benefits

In this hour-long recorded webinar, Indi Young shows how several example organizations used mental models to guide their design decisions and preserve internal knowledge over time. These cases cover issues such as:

  • Knowing how to change services after a corporate shift; e.g., becoming environmentally responsible
  • How to handle new audience segments
  • Discarding ideas that don't align with your audience
  • How a design team can influence management decisions
  • Rolling out ideas for a long wow
  • Restarting a project after a pause for a merger
  • How the next generation of employees can join the team and become acclimated

It's not often that a team of people get to look back at their work and feel relief about the decisions that were made at each juncture. Mental models will help you do that.

Our recorded webinars are edited for your listening pleasure, and include questions from attendees (as restated by our moderator). The running time is one hour.

Indi Young

Indi Young was afflicted with the "problem solving" disease at an early age. Her parents are both inveterate problem solvers. At her father's side, she watched him figure out how to build an airplane with folding wings so it could be stored in a garage instead of housed in an expensive hangar. With her mother, she learned about growing wheat and grinding it for flour to make bread, since there were no good whole wheat loaves available at the supermarket. When it came time to leave for university, Indi chose Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, wholly because of their motto: "Learn by Doing." (full bio)

Using Mental Models for Tactics and Strategy is a Future Practice webinar, produced by

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