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Search Analytics for Your Site

Conversations with Your Customers 

Published: July 2011 Paperback: 199 pages, ISBN 1-933820-20-9 Digital: ISBN 1-933820-04-7

by Louis Rosenfeld

Search Analytics for Your Site

Analytics are the single most important tool you have to improve your search experience, and Lou Rosenfeld's world-class expertise in user-centered design is the place to start."

—Pete Bell, co-founder, Endeca

Any organization that has a searchable web site or intranet is sitting on top of hugely valuable and usually under-exploited data: logs that capture what users are searching for, how often each query was searched, and how many results each query retrieved. Search queries are gold: they are real data that show us exactly what users are searching for in their own words. This book shows you how to use search analytics to carry on a conversation with your customers: listen to and understand their needs, and improve your content, navigation and search performance to meet those needs.

“Search Analytics for Your Site” Blog

Zipf, meet Smashing

Wrote an article for Smashing Magazine that just went live yesterday. In it I get into the single most important phenomenon in site search analytics, analytics, design, user experience, and all the world: the Zipf Distribution, and how you can take advantage of it. OK, maybe not the most important thing, but it’s up there. …

Updated site search analytics deck

Just presented this one at the Web 2.0 Expo this morning. I’ve given versions of it before at SXSW 2011 and as part of last year’s UIE virtual seminar series. As part of my program of continual improvement in presentation creation, I’ve beefed up the practical stuff. Hope you find it useful: Site Search Analytics: …

An interview and a review

Another interview; this one by Kaitlin Pike of O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo (where I’ll be speaking on site search analytics on October 12). And a really nice review of the book by someone for whom I, over many years, gained endless respect—even if he had dissed the book—Martin White of Intranet Focus. Yay! By the …

Interviewed in SearchEngineLand

“First lady of SEO” and IA Institute board member Shari Thurow kindly interviewed me for SearchEngineLand. The first of two parts ran a couple days ago; I’m blown away by their visibility; never had something retweeted so often. Thanks Shari!

Now on sale!

Whew. Finally! You can buy it right here from the Rosenfeld Media site. US$39 for the loverly full-color paperback plus the DRM-free digital formats (PDF, ePUB, MOBI); US$22 for digital only. The paperback should be available via Amazon and digitals via O’Reilly soon (if not already). Yay!