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A Practitioner’s Guide


Questions for you

I'm sure I'll have many questions about prototyping as I write this book, and I'll share them here with you. I hope you'll comment; we'll all benefit from the discussion, and if I use your advice in the book, I'll be sure to acknowledge your help in print.

I'll start not with a question as much as a request: I'm looking for any good case study material to use in the book. I certainly have a bit of experience with prototypes, but I'd love the book to feature lots of good examples from the field, so I'd appreciate your contacting me with any potential examples. Please comment here; thanks!


I was researching prototyping and came across your site.

Depending on the scope of your book, I have some case studies for you to consider. For an overview of National Instruments go to:

The case studies involve hardware and software prototyping. I have created an MBA lecture on prototyping stall points and how prototyping relates to entrepreneurship.


Thanks for the offer, John. I'd love to see the case studies you've got.

I'm wondering if an electronic version of this book will be available for Aldiko, Nook, Kindle, or other ebook reader. I know it's available in PDF, but I don't prefer that format.

It will be available as an EPUB file, readable on iPhones, Sony Kindles, and other devices that can run the Stanza reader.

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