Designing with AI 2024

Aligning the potential of AI with the humanism of UX

June 4-5: Conference | June 6-7: Workshops




Join us at Designing with AI 2024, where we’ve moved beyond speculation about Artificial Intelligence’s impact on UX professionals—it’s time to address more pressing questions:

  • How can AI elevate the effectiveness and impact of UX professionals?
  • And equally important, how can we navigate and prevent the potential pitfalls resulting from hasty AI integration?

You’ll learn from and be inspired by cutting-edge case studies and demonstrations that showcase AI applications in UX design, research, and content creation. And our expert panels will empower you to sharpen your critical thinking, enabling proactive anticipation and mitigation of unintended consequences stemming from AI in our field.

You’ll also enjoy Rosenfeld’s robust virtual conference experience, promising maximum takeaways and ample networking opportunities. Designing with AI 2024 is tailored for conscientious product designers and UX professionals—whether writers, researchers, or designers—eager to harness the potential of AI in their professional endeavors. Join us to explore the responsible and innovative application of AI in UX.

Why Attend?

Designing With AI is geared towards UX designers, researchers, writers, and other conscientious product people who are excited by the potential benefits AI can bring to their work, but worry that thoughtless AI usage can lead to unanticipated and potentially dire consequences.

Want to Participate?

Want to join the program? We are accepting submissions for presentations and workshops.

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