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Our workshops are designed with you in mind. They combine the cutting edge expertise of some of the world’s leading UX experts with the same high quality that people love about Rosenfeld Media’s UX books and conferences.

Virtual Workshops

The virtual workshops are 8 hours, taking place over 2 sessions.

The Basics of AI, for Designers, by One of Our Own

with Christopher Noessel

8 hours over 2 days: June 6-7 2024

Real-world artificial Intelligence can seem overwhelming. It’s a complicated thing and when you try to look into it, it’s filled with intimidating computational jargon. For designers, though, the basics of AI can be made pretty simple. By understanding the basics of data, models, algorithms, and machine learning, you can make sense of almost any AI, separate out what is meaningful for design, and continue with your user-centered practice, mostly as before. (And yes, we’ll cover generative AI.) In this workshop we’ll go over these basics, talk about the interactions germane to narrow AI, and get some hands-on practice in teams.

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Designing for AI: New Techniques

with Dan Saffer

8 hours over 2 days: June 10-11 2024

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The success of AI makes it feel like this technology is ripe for innovation. However, today, almost 90% of AI initiatives fail. Current technical innovation approaches don’t work well when applied to AI. The HCI research community has been working on how to improve the process from brainstorming to prototyping to delivery. This workshop takes what is taught at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and adopts it for practitioners.

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Intro to Content Design and AI

with Noz Urbina

8 hours over 2 days: June 13-14 2024

This interactive session will give you a low-tech overview of how the commonly available AI technologies work, and how they can be strategically applied in your content workflows. We’ll look at how to make the most of the technology as well as how different types are limited. Specifically, we’ll look at how to leverage AI to craft personas and journey maps that will improve your designs, even from incomplete data. Or if you’re blessed with good research, it provides a way to create more and richer journey maps than you’d ever have time for otherwise.

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AI for UX Research

with Alexandra Jayeun Lee

8 hours over 2 days: June 20-21, 2024

AI is one of the major forces currently driving the fourth industrial revolution in the world, and it’s here to stay. As UX research practitioners, there has not been a more exciting and scary time to work with AI. This workshop will cover when and how to use AI in your research process, how to position your insights for business impact, and how to move from chasing the AI hype to using AI to create meaningful experiences

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