Intro to Content Design and AI

2-day virtual workshop
June 13-14 2024, 8am-12pm PT

This interactive session will give a proven method for leveraging AI and a low-tech overview of how the commonly available AI technologies work. Learn how AI can be strategically applied in your content design workflows, specifically around crafting personas and journey maps for content requirements development. We’ll look at how to make the most of the technology, as well as how different types are limited, in ways that will improve your designs, even from incomplete data. Or if you’re blessed with good research, it provides a way to create more and richer journey maps than you’d ever have time for otherwise.


In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Build interactive AI Simulations of Key Personas and an AI UX Assistant
  • Get productive with AI in for creating superior content-centric journey maps
  • Set up your content strategy and user research to set your content apart in a world where everyone has AI tools
  • Navigate the inherent limitations in current AI tech that you need to be aware of


Day 1

Lecture: Core concepts – content-centric journey maps and persona simulations

Exercise: Spinning up a persona sim from nothing in ChatGPT

Lecture: AI types and where to apply them

Exercise: Building a template for your own AI Configurations

Lecture: Building Journey Outlines for different levels of journey map

Exercise: Rapid prototyping of a journey map

Lecture: Structuring and incorporating background research and data

Exercise: Preparing and adding additional data to your persona

Day 2:

Lecture: Building workflows across multiple AI configurations

Exercise: Build a UX assistant

Lecture: Layering on complexity in journey maps

Exercise: Enriching our Journey maps with data and measurement concepts

Lecture: Multi-persona mapping and Personalization planning

Lecture: Flaws, bias, and known issues with AIs

Exercise: Tweaking AIs to mitigate issues