Attendee Cohorts

Attending together means learning together

That’s the idea behind Rosenfeld Media’s attendee cohorts—small groups of about 10 conference attendees. With the help of facilitators, private Slack channels, and Zoom meetings, each cohort’s members:

  • Get to know each other
  • Establish common learning goals
  • Attend and discuss the conference together
  • Check in daily
  • Reconvene at the end of the conference to revisit their goals

Want to participate in a cohort? It’s free to DesignOps 2021 ticket-holders, but space is limited and is first-come, first-serve. After registering for the conference, you’ll receive an email with details about joining.


Cohort #1, facilitated by Sébastien Malo and Jef Desourdy
Cohort #2, facilitated by Sam Anderson and Nicole Taylor
Cohort #3, facilitated by Vianka Aloras and Katie Pitello
Cohort #4, facilitated by Andrew Heber and Brian Verhoeven
Cohort #5, facilitated by Greg Richards and Owen Bergwall
Cohort #6, facilitated by Kristen Ramirez and Daphne Taranto
Cohort #7, facilitated by Bob Turnbull and Jenna Lawrence
Cohort #8, facilitated by Sandeep Chahal and Craig Perlmutter
Cohort #9, facilitated by Angelos Arnis, Farid Sabitov, and Georgiy Chernyavsky
Cohort #10, facilitated by Kristen Ingels and Heather Palmer
Cohort #11, facilitated by Red Dolan and Dante Guintu
Cohort #12, facilitated by Changying (Z) Zheng and David Williams
Cohort #13, facilitated by Nepunnee Birondo and Dave Hoffer
Cohort #14, facilitated by Devin O’Bryan and Dave Huber

What cohort participants are saying

The cohort experience was great—it created a human connection that usually lacks in conferences, virtual or not.”
—Inayaili L., Design Producer, GitHub

“Cohorts connected me with folks who are in a similar position at work, looking to learn similar things, and with more senior folks who could provide guidance and perspective.”
—Isabel F., Senior User Experience Designer, Motorola Solutions


Sounds interesting. How do I join a cohort?
Cohorts are available to DOS2021 conference ticket holders only. After registering, you will receive an email with information about joining.

How much does it cost to join a cohort?
There is no fee for participating in a cohort.

Who is participating in each cohort?
Each cohort’s participants are other conference attendees who want to attend the conference, make friends, and learn together.

What’s my role within a cohort?
If you’re participating in a cohort, you’re with peers you’ll want to get to know (and vice versa). And you’ll want to learn with them. Please be an active contributor to the chat discussion, react to the presentations, share relevant articles, and be supportive of each other. In two words: show up!

How should I behave in the cohort?
With the kindness and generosity that you’d like others to offer you. Remember that it’s easy to misinterpret what people say in a purely digital environment. Let your facilitator know if you need help or have concerns. And please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct so you know our principles for being together, and procedures if there is a problem.

Who are the cohorts’ facilitators?
Our facilitators are people like you who want to attend DOS2021 and who have volunteered to facilitate your cohort. Please help them by being an active and generous participant.

How do I get help?
Post a request in your cohort’s Slack channel, or in the #do-help Slack channel. Or email

What happens after our final wrap up meeting?
We’ll be in touch to find out how your cohort went and how we could improve on the idea. We also plan to keep cohorts’ private Slack channels open indefinitely, so you’ll be able to stay in touch with your cohort.