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Advancing Research

A Rosenfeld Community interest group


Welcome to our Advancing Research interest group—the Rosenfeld Community’s dedicated interest group for all those interested in the latest in UX research.

This interest group takes place in the Rosenfeld media Slack workspace. Join us in the channel #advancing-research-community-chat!

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Meet our curators

Jemma Ahmed is a curator of the Advancing Research interest group within the Rosenfeld Community She joined Bumble in 2019, where she is Head of  Insights based in the London office. She leads the team who regularly speak to online daters all over the world, uncovering the very unique needs and motivations of this group- across brands as diverse as Bumble and Badoo.

Jemma has spent more than 15 years working in mixed methodology insight roles, across user research, market research and data analytics. This includes working in insight for Global news at the BBC, and in insight leadership positions at Etsy, the online markets for unique and handmade goods.

Jemma holds an MA in Law from Cambridge University.

Chris Geison is a Senior Research Strategist at Workday where he’s focused on enabling research that doesn’t just inform design, but drives strategy. Prior to Workday, Chris was a Principal UX Researcher for emerging technologies at AnswerLab, a Director of market strategy at Schwab Charitable, and a counselor at a mental health facility. He has presented his work at UXRC, UXPA, Radical Research, the VOICE Summit, and Forrester CXSF. A graduate of Brown University, Chris lives in San Francisco with his wife, their 2-year old daughter, and an imaginary panther named Winston.

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