Product Management for UX Designers Cover

Product Management for UX Designers

By Christian Crumlish

To be published: 2021

More and more, designers are grappling with product management—as a peer discipline, as the job title of a boss or teammate, and as a future career destination. But there is surprisingly little help for designers who seek to understand what it takes to manage products and services. In Product Management for UX Designers, Christian Crumlish plumbs the intersections and gaps between design and product management for both designers who want to work with product managers and designers who want to become product managers.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why is a Product Manager Telling Me What To Do?

Part 1: What Exactly Does a Product Manager Do?

Chapter 2: A Day in the Life of Product Manager
Chapter 3: Product as business manager
Chapter 4: Product as engineering manager
Chapter 5: Product as experimental scientist
Chapter 6: Product as creative artist
Chapter 7: The importance of being nosy

Part 2: From Product Design to Product Management​

Chapter 8: UX Skills that Carry Over
Chapter 9: Wrangling Engineers as a UX-grounded PM
Chapter 10: The Business of Product is Business
Chapter 11: Product Analytics: Growth, Engagement, Retention
Chapter 12: Getting the Money
Chapter 13: How to Make the Career Transition from UX to PM

Part 3: Making Great Products as a Team

Chapter 14: The Gray Area (Healthy Collaborative Tension)
Chapter 15: Testing Hypotheses with Experiments
Chapter 16: Roadmaps and How to Say “No”

Part 4: Building a Customer-Centered Product Org

Chapter 17: Hello IA My Old Friend
Chapter 18: Selling Your Team’s Services Internally as a Product
Chapter 19: Developing Product Craft
Chapter 20: Aligning Teams with a Product Mindset