Content Research for User Experience Cover

Content Research for User Experience

Discovering the Words that Resonate with your Audience

By Erica Jorgensen

To be published: 2023

Content testing is user research that pinpoints which exact words, phrases, and messages are preferable to your audience. Content is expensive to create, so it needs to perform. As a content strategist or content designer, you may try to improve your content with A/B testing or optimize it using analytics. But imagine how powerful it would be if you could identify effective content before you launch it!

Content testing helps pinpoint those just-right words most likely to engage your audience. What content is clear? What needs work? What’s missing? Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large content team, you can answer these questions with quick content testing and drive a stronger customer experience for better business results.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Setting the Table

Chapter 1: Elevating Content from Underappreciated to Integral
Chapter 2: Connecting Content Research to Content Development

Section 2: Defining the Problem

Chapter 3: Evaluating your Content’s Current State
Chapter 4: Pinpointing What You Need to Learn Via Content Research

Section 3: Designing and Running Your Research Studies

Chapter 5: Understanding Different Content Research Methods
Chapter 6: Planning and Running Content Research Studies

Section 4: Learning from Your Research

Chapter 7: Identifying Insights in your “What” Research
Chapter 8: Identifying Insights in your “Why” Research

Section 5: Driving Impact from Your Research

Chapter 10: Sharing your Content Research Results
Chapter 11: Applying the Insights you and your Team Discover
Chapter 12: Sustaining Momentum for Your Content Research Practice