Changemaker Cover


By Maria Guidice & Christopher Ireland

To be published: 2022

The pace of change has accelerated to the point of causing confusion, chaos, and the collapse of long-held beliefs, systems and institutions. Yet we can’t stop or even slow it because our problems are urgent and wicked. What we can do is learn to consciously design change in a way that improves both its outcome and experience.

For a new breed of leaders who want to make real, lasting, impactful change in any organization, Changemaker shares decades of real world experiences and practices from leading designers on how to embrace change as a leader, how to find collaborative partners who will work with you to make change, and how to design systems, structures and processes that help change succeed in organizations of any scale.

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Table of Contents

Section I: The Opportunity to Create Change

Chapter 1: The Reality of Progress
Chapter 2: People and Problems
Chapter 3: The Change Trajectory
Chapter 4: Designing Change

Section II: Change Starts with You

Chapter 5: Change Starts with You
Chapter 6:Why We Resist Change
Chapter 7: Benefits of Accepting/Letting Go
Chapter 8: Changing Our Minds

Section III: Change Takes a Team

Chapter 9: Change Takes a Team
Chapter 10: Why Teams Struggle
Chapter 11: Finding Partners, Not Followers
Chapter 12: Building a Strong Team

Section IV: Leading Change

Chapter 13: Conditions for Success: The Long Game
Chapter 14: Importance of process
Chapter 15: A New Model for Designing Change

Section V: Continuing to Evolve

Chapter 16: The Damage of Disruption
Chapter 17: Cultures that Evolve