Content Strategy for Websites


Live webinar took place on April 23, 2009

Recording length is approximately one hour.

In the traditional website design process, content requirements definition happens as information architecture develops. In theory, this should successfully set the stage for content development. However, once content development actually begins, projects often implode. Content is late, poorly written, disorganized, and almost never user-focused. The list goes on.

Most of us secretly believe that, when it comes to content, this is just the way it goes. But it doesn't have to. When we integrate a more fully realized content strategy process into our website design process, we give writers and reviewers the tools they need to get the job done right the first time, on time.

In this hour-long live webinar recording, Kristina Halvorson offers step-by-step instructions on how to integrate content strategy into the website design process. She also helps you understand how a content strategist can bridge the gap between IA requirements and successful content creation. Finally, Kristina shares tactics to help you sell content strategy as a critical part of any website project.

The Benefits

You will:

  • Find out why so many web projects implode in the content development phase and how to avoid the associated, unnecessary costs and delays
  • See web content strategy (and its business value) defined and explained in plain language
  • Explore ways to introduce content strategy into the user experience design process
  • See examples of tools that are necessary to plan, create, and manage content

Our recorded webinars are edited for your listening pleasure, and include questions from attendees (as restated by our moderator). The running time is one hour.

Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson is the founder and president of Brain Traffic, a web content agency. Since 1997, Kristina has led content projects for hundreds of websites and companies of all sizes. She's a passionate advocate for web content strategy, the "hidden discipline" that lives between information architecture, web writing, and the build process. When she's not running around the country trying to annihilate bad web content, Kristina can be found in St. Paul, Minnesota, chasing after her two kids and writing a book.

Content Strategy for Websites is a Future Practice webinar, produced by

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