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A Practitioner’s Guide



"If prototyping isn't already part of your design process, this book will not only persuade you that it should be, but will show you how to make it happen. Todd's straightforward explanations and useful examples will help even experienced designers decide what kind of prototyping to do, when to do it, and what tools will be most effective. When someone asks me about prototyping, I'll be pointing them to this book from now on."
Kim Goodwin VP Design, Cooper and author, Designing for the Digital Age

"Todd's text offers a comprehensive view of prototyping—from the role of prototypes in socializing decision making and achieving organizational buy-in, to the actual pragmatics of creating interactive artifacts. This is a solid book for those "in the trenches"—the designers doing the actual work that ends up in the actual products we use every day."
Jon Kolko Editor-in-Chief, interactions and Associate Creative Director, Frog

"One quarter of the way through this book, we threw out our requirements docs and started using photos of our whiteboard sketches to communicate instead. Thanks to Todd for consolidating and analyzing the wisdom and case studies from a variety of practitioners to identify what prototyping techniques will work, now."
Shaun Abrahamson Innovator and Investor, Colaboratorie Mutopo

"If you design applications and are stuck in the land of task flows and wireframes, you really need to pick up a copy of Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide. Todd offers practical, hands-on advice to jump start your prototyping and make your designs truly interactive before they are built."
Dan Saffer Principal, Kicker Studios and author of Designing for Interaction and Designing Gestural Interfaces

"A major contribution to the field, Todd Zaki Warfel's book perfectly balances know-why and know-how. He uses great cases to help you understand why prototyping is so powerful, and he gives you the tools and techniques to apply the ideas immediately in your own practice."
Chris Conley Founding Director, Gravity Tank

"Whether you're prototyping to explore ideas or to communicate them, Todd Zaki Warfel's smart, accessible guide will give you the tools you need."
Jesse James Garrett Author, The Elements of User Experience and President, Adaptive Path

"Todd tackles the biggest questions of prototyping—for example, how detailed? what form?—with the grand principles and practical examples necessary for success. I wish I'd had this book years ago."
Bill DeRouchey Senior Interaction Designer, Ziba Design