Designing Agentive Technology

AI That Works for People

By Christopher Noessel

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  • Agentive systems employ artificial intelligence to help people accomplish difficult tasks in radical and amazing new ways. This emergent technology can help us unlock the true potential of user-centered design—but will confront designers, technologists, businesses, and governments with new tools and challenging scenarios. Designing Agentive Technology will show you how to prepare for and unlock agentive technology’s limitless potential.

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    Table of Contents

    Section I: Making a Case

    Chapter 1: The thermostat that evolved
    Chapter 2: Fait accompli: Agentive tech is here
    Chapter 3: Agentive tech can change the world

    Section II: Designing for Agentive Tech

    Chapter 4: New tools in your backpack
    Chapter 5: Ramping up with an agent
    Chapter 6: Everything, running smoothly
    Chapter 7: Handling the exceptions
    Chapter 8: Evaluating agents

    Section III: The Issues

    Chapter 9: Utopia, dystopia, or cat videos
    Chapter 10: Agentive coffee, anyone?