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See What I Mean

How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas

See What I Mean

Table of Contents

See What I Mean is a slightly unique book in structure. Because it is about using comics to communicate ideas, there are two ways to read the book. The first is as you would a regular book--reading the prose of the chapters with accompanying examples and figures. However, each chapter will also have a few pages summarizing the contents in comic form. So you can get an idea of the main points and dive deeper wherever you want!

Part 1: Why Comics

  • Chapter 1: Comics Save Time
  • Chapter 2: Properties of Comics

Part 2: Making a Comic

  • Chapter 3: Basic Drawing
  • Chapter 4: What's Your Comic About?
  • Chapter 5: Writing the Story
  • Chapter 6: Laying Out the Comic
  • Chapter 7: Drawing Comics

Part 3: Using Comics

  • Chapter 8: Applying Comics
  • Chapter 9: Breaking Down the Barriers
  • Chapter 10: Onward