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See What I Mean

How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas

See What I Mean


"A breakthrough book by Kevin Cheng that will soon have you making breakthroughs of your own. If you care about clear thinking and communication, this book belongs in your library."
Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company

"Think you can't draw? Wish you could? Want to make your personas and scenarios and user stories much more vivid with pictures? Now you can! Get this book! Kevin Cheng shows and tells us why comics are a wonderful way to convey the stories of our designs. And he makes it easy for even the drawing-challenged (like me) to do it."
Janice (Ginny) Redish, 
author, Letting Go of the Words-Writing Web Content that Works (2nd ed., 2012)

"Even if you are a product manager, in marketing, or engineering manager, who has no aspirations to learn to cartoon, this book may be even more important to you, since your job may well be all the more about effective communication. This will help build priceless literacy in what could be an effective arrow in your quiver of techniques."
Bill Buxton, author of Sketching the User Experience

"We've used sketching and storyboards at Twitter to help us understand the problems we are trying to solve, collaboratively iterate on product concepts, and communicate the core of an idea clearly and concisely. Kevin's book is a great resource for designers looking to incorporate storytelling into their workflow."
Joshua Brewer, Principal Designer at Twitter