The Content Strategy Practice Blueprint: Building from the Ground Up

3 day virtual workshop
September 14-16, 2022, 12-3:30pm PT

Whether you’re the only content person in your organization, the leader of a small content team that you’re looking to grow, or a UX or DesignOps leader, if you’ve been tasked with creating a content strategy practice, Natalie Dunbar’s workshop will help guide you through building a successful content strategy practice from the ground up that brings great value to your agency or in-house projects.

You’ll learn the five components to the practice building process that comprise the Content Strategy Practice Blueprint, detailed in Natalie’s new Rosenfeld Media book, From Solo to Scaled: Building a Sustainable Content Strategy Practice:

  1. Making the business case for a content strategy practice
  2. Building strong relationships with cross-functional teams
  3. Creating a foundation of frameworks and tools
  4. Rightsizing the practice to meet client or project demand
  5. Establishing meaningful success measures

You’ll learn to use this blueprint to create a practice that’s both sustainable and scalable, either as a part of, or as a service to, a digital or user experience focused department or team.