Survival Metrics: How to Pivot With Strategy, Instead of Against It

1 day virtual workshop
December 7, 2022, 8:00 am-4:00 pm PT

Product development on the ground seems to be chaotic—and it is. This is why we use tools (like Agile) to adjust to those circumstances. However, when it comes to getting the rest of the company on board, it seems like we have to pull teeth. You need a way to sense when change is happening and a way to tell the story.

That’s where Survival Metrics comes in. Survival metrics gives you the tools to create metrics framed as stop, pivot, and invest to clearly communicate when you need to change direction. You’ll learn how to make change stick, and how to do it in a fast, data informed, and politically safe way.

Target audience
Leaders that work in product development teams— product, design, engineering— who have trouble getting people to recognize that switch.

A willingness to learn


  • Implement faster cycles of decision-making that identify potential problems before software is built instead of after.
  • Break down ideas as they come in, clarify what matters, and distill what the actual decisions are so the team can make them quickly. This saves millions of dollars of waste AND allows you to explore more options to solve problems.
  • Interpret data collectively to increase confidence in decision-making to build trust, even when you’re wrong.
  • Decide what data matters so you can communicate actions based on your strategy effectively while increasing data literacy across the team. This allows space to be wrong while building trust by keeping the focus on the numbers.
  • Clarify company values enough to model them in your team’s work so the product resembles your company, not the market.
  • Differentiate in the marketplace by producing final products based on what drives your company instead of chasing trends. Let your feature following stop, and feature leading start.
  • Convince teams to change direction when what they are building isn’t effective instead of “seeing how it goes.”
  • Avoid following through on useless projects. Avoid turndown theater on your scrum teams that leads to terrible utilization rates for products that your team waste time maintaining.


$895 regular, sales end November 28, 2022