Make Design Systems People Want to Use

4 day virtual workshop
September 29,30 and October 6,7 2022, 8-11am PT

You spent days, weeks, or even months putting together a library of common components that other teams could use. You sent it around to a few other teams to try out. And then… crickets. No reply. No one used it. It takes a specific process and mindset to make a design system that actually gets used. SuperFriendly founder and CEO Dan Mall will walk you through the difference between component libraries and true design systems, new workflows for tighter collaboration between designers and engineers, how to measure success, and a lot more.

  • Day 1: True Design Systems
  • Day 2: Pilots — The Best Way to Start and Scale a Design System
  • Day 3: Process & Workflow with Design Systems
  • Day 4: Measuring Success with Design Systems