Soma Ghosh
Director, Practical Semiotics

Soma studied linguistics, semiotics and literature at Oxford University. She has been a director of Practical Semiotics for over 15 years and is regularly asked to comment on culture for publications and debates.

Practical Semiotics is a UK and global company who equip clients with ways forward based on a semiotic analysis of the brand’s category and the culture around the brand. Clients include Coca-Cola, Transport for London, Unilever and the World Wildlife Fund.

Soma has a particular passion for public organisations and under-represented communities. She loves spotting emerging cultural codes, especially of gender, race, sexuality, and helping a brand speak in a way that’s sensitive and relevant.

An ex-TV and radio producer, who also works as an arts writer, she enjoys condensing broad, analytical research into clear stories for her clients. Her most regular advice? Respect your audience’s intelligence.