Sarah Alvarado
Head of UX Research, AWS Emerging Technology

Sarah is an experienced UX Research leader who applies research, design and the power of human narratives to drive strategy and positive outcomes. She has a background in journalism, art and design, and psychology, strong ethical values, and years of diverse experiences in start-ups, creative agencies, and large companies, including big tech players like Microsoft and Amazon. Sarah‘s experiences include years of hands-on work as a designer and researcher as well as years leading teams to build better products and services grounded in understanding people’s needs while cultivating a sense of community in the workplace. Sarah builds cultures of empathy, transparency and authenticity because she believes this is the recipe for motivated teams and genuine organizational health. Sarah is relentless about UX Research because she sees our profession as capable and responsible for educating and empowering teams to make better informed, more ethical, and more inclusive decisions to truly better our world.