Megan Blocker
Director of User Research, DigitalOcean

As the founder of McKinsey’s design research & insights practice, Megan established and grew a team of one to more than 50 researchers, data analysts, and data scientists globally. Today, she leads user research and ResearchOps for DigitalOcean, the cloud of choice for developers, startups, and small-to-medium businesses around the world. Her team is responsible for strategic research that guides the future of our business as well as the tactical work that ensures DO’s products and services meet the everyday needs of their customers. In her work as a researcher, Megan combines empathy with data to achieve deep understanding, craft inspirational vision, and deliver actionable insight. As a leader, she is known for making sense of ambiguity and building and leading teams where trust, transparency, and clarity of vision encourage risk-taking, innovation, and creativity. She loves building something new and scrappy, then strategically operationalizing it for scale. She invests in people, Post-Its, insights, and LEGOs.