Dr. Jamika D. Burge
Head of Research & Insights Strategy for Design, Capital One

Dr. Jamika D. Burge is Head of Research & Insights Strategy for Design at Capital One, where she leads a team of researchers and experience strategists who develop human insights, at scale, for experiences that include Eno, Capital One’s conversational AI and EASE, the award-winning app that helps customers manage all of their accounts in a single place. She is also the Founder of Capital One’s Intersectional Symposium, which centers intersectionality as fundamental to exploring the dimensions of how our lived experiences matter in the products and experiences we create for each other and customers, and she contributes to the Fair and Responsible AI Principles initiatives. At Capital One, she is also a member of the Blacks in Tech (BIT) Leadership team, where she leads strategic operations that measure the efficacy of professional development opportunities for Black associates and allies.

Prior to joining Capital One, she served as a tech consultant to DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in the Information Innovation Office. While there, she provided technical and management consultation for innovative DARPA programs which were funded at over $70M. She is an authority in research and programming that investigates the intersectionality of Black women and girls in computing, which led her to co-found blackcomputeHER.org (pronounced ‘black computer’), an organization dedicated to supporting computational thinking, design thinking, and workforce development for Black women and girls in computing+tech. She has served as CEO and Board President since 2022, and under her leadership, blackcomputeHER has raised almost $2MM in capital for delivering impact through blackcomputeHER programming.