Attendee Cohort Facilitator Application

Attendee Cohorts are a trademark feature at Rosenfeld Media conferences (read more about them here). Cohorts are designed to enrich the experience of attending a virtual conference by enhancing small group networking and learning activities. We’re looking for volunteers who are interested in facilitating a cohort for a future Rosenfeld Media event.

What does a Cohort Facilitator do?
Facilitators work in pairs to co-lead a group of 10-15 conference attendees. You’ll help attendees meet each other, establish common learning goals, check-in during the conference, and reconvene at the end to revisit those goals. Meetings take place via Zoom, and each cohort keeps the discussion going during the conference via a private Slack channel.

What’s required for becoming a Cohort Facilitator?
Prospective facilitators are required to attend an hour-long orientation, and to schedule and run their cohort’s meetings and, with their co-facilitator, ensure that their cohort is “staffed” for the duration of the conference. You don’t need to be an experienced remote facilitator—but it is a plus.

Why facilitate a Rosenfeld Attendee Cohort?
In addition to learning and applying valuable facilitation skills, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to attend the full day of each day of the conference, and your bio and headshot will be featured on the conference website. Also, we’ll bet that you’ll make fantastic industry connections who will remember you for years to come!

Interested? Please apply below. If you qualify, we’ll be in touch!

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Last updated: 2023-01-22

Cohort Facilitator Application

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We generally pair experienced facilitators with those who have little or no experience. How experienced are you at facilitating groups of 10-15 people (primarily design practitioners and managers)?
Have you ever facilitated at a Rosenfeld Media Conference?
How experienced are you at REMOTE facilitation (via Zoom and Slack)?
Which time zone is closest to your own? (Let us know—we’ll do our best to include you in a cohort that doesn’t get you up too early or keep you up too late!)
Which of our upcoming conferences do you wish to facilitate? Check all that apply.
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