Delivering Information Architecture and Taxonomies at Enterprise Scale

10 hours over 3 segments

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    Delivering Information Architecture and Taxonomies at Enterprise Scale

    with Bram Wessel and Gary Carlson

    What you’ll learn

    • A framework for shifting to an enterprise taxonomy model that meets the needs of your organization and its user groups, use cases, functional or business units, technology platforms, and experiences.
    • Discussion of the impacts of a taxonomy project on technology, governance, workflows, marketing, analytics, search, compliance, and the interaction with master data management.
    • Practical tips for providing stakeholders with resources to navigate internal tensions around implementation, and promote sustainable organizational alignment
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    Who should attend?

    Practitioners through directors charged with unifying information across multiple business use cases, customer groups, teams, in complex technical environments.

    About the instructors

    Bram Wessel
    Informed by more than two decades of practice in user-centered design and research, Bram Wessel passionately believes that information is not a technological end in itself but a vital element of natural human experience. This means that all organizations have an information layer that is just as critical as any other tangible asset. Bram is dedicated to “getting technology out of our way.” In stolen time, Bram is fascinated by the information problems inherent in amateur winemaking and aquaculture.

    Gary Carlson
    Gary helps organizations from small local businesses to Fortune 100 companies boost revenue, customer satisfaction and efficiency via well executed information and knowledge management initiatives. Bringing over 20 years of experience as a taxonomist, consultant, and information strategist to every project, Gary’s current focus is helping companies develop their information infrastructure to deliver business success and satisfy customer goals. He keeps a weather eye on content strategy, IA, and UX – sea kayaking when possible.


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  • Schedule

    Wednesday, January 19: 8-11:30am PT
    Thursday, January 20: 8-11:30am PT
    Friday, January 21: 8-11:00am PT

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