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Bringing Voices to the Table for DesignOps with Jay Bustamante

Jay Bustamante has always been about conserving time and resources by building tight processes to create efficiencies in his life and work. In all the jobs and positions he’s held, he would notice gaps, consult with stakeholders, find solutions, and fill those gaps. Eventually he learned there is a name for this type of work: DesignOps. Today Jay is a DesignOps leader and an experienced strategist at VMware. And he’ll be a speaker at the October 2023 DesignOps Summit.

When it comes to streamlining and building efficiencies, AI seems like a no-brainer, right? Not so fast. AI brings big expectations and can result in a lot of frustration if proper groundwork isn’t laid. DesignOps teams that proactively facilitate collaboration between engineers, business teams, end users, and other stakeholders can save time, money, and greatly increase the likelihood of a successful product that will reflect the company’s values.

In this episode, Jay and Lou explore the following concerning AI:

  • Good data makes all the difference
  • Why AI can easily reinforce existing biases
  • Why case studies and knowing the most impactful need are crucial
  • Setting proper expectations
  • Why Design’s role is to slow things down and to make sure that the right people are invited to the conversation, that the right questions are asked, and that all voices are heard early in the process.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Jay got where he is today
  • How to slow down the development of AI solutions to avoid ethical and technical snafus
  • Which voices need to be at the planning table
  • How DesignOps can steer the design boat and keep everyone on the same page with the same goals
  • How companies (even big ones like Amazon) can get tripped up when AI reinforces biases


Quick Reference Guide

[0:00:25] Introduction of Jay and the October 2-4 Design Ops Summit

[0:02:11] Jay’s professional journey into design ops

[0:05:36] Jay joined VMware to do strategy work and ended up doing design ops work

[0:07:35] AI in a design ops context

[0:10:32] An example from Amazon of AI-aided hiring gone wrong

[0:15:39] DesignOps Summit – October 2-4, 2023

[0:17:01] On being proactive with use cases and identifying red flags and slowing down

[0:22:13] On being careful with data

[0:25:43] On bringing voices together and being a facilitator

[0:28:09] Jay’s gift to listeners


Resources and links from today’s episode:

DesignOps Assembly –

AI Fairness 360 by IBM –…ts/ai-fairness-360/

Fairkit-Learn (Python)-

DesignOps Summit 2023 –