Now available: Managing Priorities by Harry Max



  • Interviewing Users (O’Reilly 2013) (webinar recording)
  • Interviewing Users (IxDA Los Angeles/LA UX Meetup 2013) (slidesvideoalternate videotweetstream)
  • We’ve Done All This Research, Now What (Mozilla UX 2012) (video)
  • Discover and Act on Insights about People (Lift 2011) (slides and video)
  • Culture, User Research & Design (Unfinished Business 2011) (slides and audio)
  • Best Practices for Interviewing Users (SXSW 2011) (slides and audio)
  • Skill Building for Design Innovators (CHIFOO 2010) – (slides and audio)
  • Ethnography as a Cultural Practice (PARC Forum 2010) (video)
  • Design and Research: Ships in the Night? (User Research Friday 2008) (slidesvideo)
  • Cross-Cultural Research (UX Week 2006) – (slides here, audio here)

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