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Want to write a book or teach a workshop with Rosenfeld Media? Or maybe both? We’re glad to talk. Here’s how to get the conversation started: let us know what you’re thinking in no more than one page. Literally, it has to fit on one page.

Your one-pager should:

  1. List your idea’s working title (one that, ideally, is both descriptive and engaging).
  2. Describe your idea in no more than 100 words that address both the challenge or problem to be solved, and what your solution is.
  3. Describe your idea’s primary audience (please be specific; “everyone” or “all humans who design” is too general).
  4. Provide 3-5 take-aways (as bullet points) that explain how your idea will benefit your audience.
  5. Let us know if you’re interested in writing a book, teaching a workshop, or both. Please include your name and email address.

As you assemble your one-pager, your goals are to demonstrate:

  • Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • How your idea is special and unique.

If you’re feeling creative, frame your one-pager as a press release, or design your book’s cover—just be sure to address the points and goals above.

Please email your one-pager in PDF format to

We review these one-pagers at least once per quarter. If we click with your idea, we’ll be in touch to move the conversation forward and work with you to develop a full proposal.

Thank you!

Join our team

Position Opening: Community and Conference Manager at Rosenfeld Media LLC

Please use this link to submit your application.

Rosenfeld Media is a leader in user experience (UX) design. We publish UX books, produce successful conferences, provide public and corporate training, and manage communities. We are a small but highly-motivated team that values each member’s contribution to the company’s goals. We respect work/life balance and strive to create a humane environment where each employee can achieve their full potential.

Our roots are in quality book publishing, and we’ve applied the same exacting editorial approach–highly iterative and highly collaborative–to curating our communities and their associated annual  conferences. We do this by employing curation teams of subject matter experts/community leaders, and enabling their curation work through user research and community engagement.  And we’ve innovated dramatically as we’ve virtualized our communities and conferences.

We’re seeking a connected, experienced full-time Community and Conference Manager to grow and improve our communities and produce their corresponding conferences. You’ll work with our curation teams, with support from our operations and marketing teams, to:

  • Recruit and manage curation teams, and engage community influencers, partners, and the “next generation” of potential curators.
  • Continuously improve curation processes and related tools and documentation in collaboration with our operations team.
  • Manage our communities with the measurable goals of growing membership and increasing engagement.
  • Grow conference attendance in collaboration with our sales and marketing team.
  • Manage user and market research efforts to determine program themes and how to “tell the story” for each conference.
  • Manage speaker and presentation selection efforts to ensure our programs feature high-quality speakers who represent diverse perspectives and communities.
  • Manage speaker preparation and support.

This is a full-time position. Salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits include health care, paid sick, holiday and vacation time off, and participation in our 401K/Profit Sharing Plan. As this is a new role, you’ll have room to grow and the opportunity to help define the position.

  • We’re seeking a candidate with the following qualifications:
  • Ability to lead and inspire team efforts
  • Direct experience with community curation and management
  • Direct experience with conference programming and production
  • Visibility in, and knowledge of the UX industry as a practitioner or related role
  • Public-facing professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Competency with project management
  • Proficient with remote work, and available as required for travel to our New York City office and conference sites as the pandemic lifts
  • Minimum of two years of experience in this or a related field
  • Competency with G Suite (especially Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar), Basecamp 3, and Salesforce
  • Flexible and willing to learn new things, learn from mistakes, and contribute new ideas

Want to apply? Send us:

  • Your resume
  • Your annual salary requirements
  • A cover letter which indicates that you’ve spent a moment or two learning about our company, and why you feel you are a good fit for this position

Please use this link to submit your application.

Thank you!