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Thanks for getting in touch; we’d be glad to be an in-kind sponsor for your event! Please fill out the following form, then check your email for confirmation and a link to download our logo. Once our logo is on your event’s website, just send us the link so we can process your request.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help.

Thanks and best wishes for your event!

—The Rosenfeld Media team

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Support for your book club

If you’re a book club organizer, please let us help!

Please complete this short form and we’ll:

  • Send you a code for a whopping 30% discount for you to share with your book club members
  • Send you a complimentary copy of the book (paperback and ebook versions to US-based clubs, ebooks only outside the US)
  • Cajole (if you like) the author into joining the discussion via Skype or equivalent; they’re usually quite willing!
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Please complete the information below in order to request a digital academic review copy of one of our books.

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Interested in reviewing one of our books? Thank you for your interest! Please complete the form below so we can send you a code to redeem for a digital copy on our website.

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Propose a book

Learn more about writing for Rosenfeld Media.

Want to write a Rosenfeld Media book? We’re glad to talk. Here’s how to get the conversation started: let us know what you’re thinking in no more than one page. Literally, it has to fit on one page.

Your one-pager should:

  1. Describe your idea in no more than 100 words
  2. Describe your idea’s primary audience (please be specific; “everyone” or “all humans who design” is too general)
  3. Explain how your audience will benefit from your idea

As you assemble your one-pager, your goals are to demonstrate:

  • Your ability to write well and succinctly
  • How your idea is special and unique

If you’re feeling creative, frame your one-pager as a press release, or design your book’s cover—just be sure to address the points and goals above.

Please attach your one-pager in an email, and send it to

We review these one-pagers at least once per quarter. If we see a potential match between your idea and our publishing agenda, we’ll be in touch to move the conversation forward and work with you to develop a full proposal.

Thank you!

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