You Don’t “Get” Anyone to Do Anything

Any designer who has ever struggled to implement change in an organization has asked questions like those below:

  • “How do we get product managers to value user research?”
  • “How do we get executives to think in an Agile way?”
  • “How do we get UX researchers to prioritize our work?”
  • “How do we get our sales team to stop making promises we can’t deliver?”

For product leader and author Matt LeMay, such questions are frustratingly familiar. He hears them from clients and colleagues, alike. Practitioners and leaders–in roles and on teams spanning UX, marketing, product, and more–unfailingly come to him seeking the answer to the question, “How do we get X to do what we want?”.
Matt’s answer is always the same:
“You don’t ‘get’ anyone to do anything.”
“What’s more”, he’ll add, “you’re asking the wrong question”.

Exactly what question should you be asking? All will be revealed when Matt joins us for the opening session of “Design in Product”. Building from the premise, “The path to success in cross-functional product development means embracing ego death and recognizing that you have very little direct control over anyone or anything,” Matt’s presentation will tap into the wealth of knowledge he has gained at such companies as Google, Audible, Mailchimp, and Spotify to illustrate concepts that are as practical as they are unexpected and profound.

Stick around to join the conversation and ask Matt your questions during our post-session Q+A, moderated by Christian Crumlish.