Be a Product Boss!

Having grown her career from UX designer to Product Experience leader, Wendy Johansson has learned a thing or two about what it means to “be a product boss”. Along the way she’s had plenty of wins, more than her fair share of fails, and one or two moments when things completely blew up in her face. So, rest-assured, she’ll be speaking truth in this presentation where she will share why, when, and how designers should level up their careers towards product bossdom!

From understanding just what it is that product leaders do, to learning how you can incorporate product know-how into your design skills toolkit–Wendy will help you bring out your inner product boss for more effective communications and outcomes in all your organizational interactions – across engineering, product, sales, and even your own team!

Be sure to join the live post-session Q+A with Wendy for the opportunity to share questions and relate your own experiences of being a product boss!