Civic Design brings together the best minds at the intersection of design and the public sector.

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Meet the best pre-qualified prospects for your company’s products and services, and recruit candidates that can help bring your organization to the next level. Here’s the short answer to why you should sponsor.


Your company is prominently displayed, to build brand visibility and credibility. Be seen and be remembered.


Get in front of hundreds of UX pros at all levels to demonstrate your knowledge, introduce your products and services, and generate leads for future sales and marketing efforts.


You may choose any of a number of opportunities to participate in the Civic Design conference. Give breakout session presentations. Meet speakers at the virtual speaker- sponsor reception. There are several other ways you can participate in this event.


Not only will you share your insights, but you will learn from the presenters as well as from all the UX design, research, and operations pros who attend your sessions and engage with you.

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Who Attends?

Civic Design 2022 is for designers, researchers, and ops managers of all stripes—User Experience, Customer Experience, Service Design, and more—who work in or with the public sector. These designers are often new to the public sector, its culture, and how it gets things done—and haven’t been exposed to the public sector’s best practices. In fact, there are few opportunities to learn those best practices because civic design itself is barely defined or established. Others will benefit greatly from this event as well including public sector-serving analysts, recruiters, and service providers, as well as anyone who wants to help governments deliver better experiences to the people they serve.

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