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Softrams: Delivering Human-Centered Digital Services

We offer innovative technology implementations and build customer-centric services that are simple, intuitive, and usable across multiple industries. We partner with federal agencies to cut through archaic technologies to deliver modern solutions applying a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach which is fueled by automation and artificial intelligence.

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In 1993 Don Norman coined the phrase User Experience (UX), suggesting software be built with user’s needs at the core. In 2001, Agile was formally introduced as a framework to accelerate and improve software development. We’ve come a long way in 20 years, but there’s often still questions about how UX and Agile fit together. In this session we’ll share best practices we’ve found helpful in creating alignment, managing workflow, and improving outcomes.

The goal is not to endorse a specific framework but to speak broadly to agile concepts and their application for UX practitioners in navigating the Agile landscape.

Most people become researchers, designers, and writers in order to make an impact. And there is no setting more impactful than the public sector, where your work can literally change the lives of millions: veterans, taxpayers, students, refugees, policy makers, and more.

Interested in making the move into the public sector? You’ll find a rich, diverse, and at times confusing landscape of government agencies at all levels, where such terms as “user experience,” “customer experience,” and “human centered design” are still relatively foreign. To get hired there and to get things done, you’ll need to understand the civic landscape and the unique constraints it places on designing products and services.

Join us for a discussion with three civic design practitioners who will answer your questions and help you decode what’s involved in understanding the landscape of design in the public sector.