Our virtual workshops are designed with you in mind. They combine the cutting edge expertise of some of the world’s leading UX experts with the same high quality that people love about Rosenfeld Media’s UX books and conferences. And they’ve been expertly virtualized; you’ll learn critical new skills from the comfort of your office or home—without feeling drained by the end of the day.

Product and Research: From Frenemies to BFFs

Matt Lemay headshotwith Matt LeMay
10 hours over 3 segments: Feb 23-24, Mar 2, 2021

In theory, product and research should be best friends. In practice… not so much. Too often, researchers feel dismissed and marginalized by product teams that seem more focused on hitting deadlines than on activating insights. Meanwhile, those product teams struggle to balance customer insights with executive demands, ultimately making compromises that leave nobody happy. This fun, fast-paced workshop will explain why one team’s game-changing insight is another team’s roadmap-obliterating threat–and what to do about it! Learn more

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Designing for Behavior Change

amy bucher headshotwith Amy Bucher
10 hours over 4 segments: Feb 23-24, Mar 2-3, 2021

If you work on products that are intended to get people to do something differently, then you’ll want to supercharge your design with psychology. By identifying target behaviors and creating motivating experiences that remove barriers and tap into people’s meaningful goals, you’ll create products that are more engaging and effective. Learn about practical psychological frameworks and tools and practice applying them to real world design challenges. Learn more

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Measuring Experience

tomer sharon headshotwith Tomer Sharon
10 hours over 3 segments: Mar 3-5, 2021

Measuring the user experience is fundamental to improving it, and experience metrics are a great channel to learn from users. A wide variety of approaches, tools, and belief-sets are available for creating, administering, and analyzing experience metrics. What you can do with these is mainly limited by your creativity and ingenuity. Experience measurement can be useful in just about any phase of the development of a product or service. Early on, it can be used to get input from target users. During iterative design and prototyping, experience metrics can be used to get quick feedback about design alternatives. And once a product or service is deployed, you can understand what is going on based on systematically measuring customers’ attitude and behavior. The masterclass is oriented towards practical use, with a strong emphasis on interactive quizzes and real-world examples. Learn more

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Catalyze Change More Effectively

tracey lovejoy headshotwith Tracey Lovejoy
10 hours over 4 segments: March 16, 18, 23, 25, 2021

Researchers excel at uncovering opportunities. But discovering a need isn’t enough. How do I get people to take action based on my insights? How do I catalyze change? In this workshop we will introduce and practice the skills to strategically position your work, gain advocates, and drive meaningful change. Your work can grow beyond doing great research to catalyzing lasting change. In addition, we will discuss the reality of burnout that plagues many change agents and how to sustain your energy so you can ensure you aren’t taken offline. As we say in our book Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. a burned-out Catalyst is making no change at all. Learn more

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Integrating Research, Design, and Data for Better AI Product Development

ovetta sampson headshotwith Ovetta Sampson
10 hours over 4 segments: March 16, 18, 23, 25, 2021

Traditionally when it comes to discovery research, qualitative methods such as ethnographic interviews, observation, contextual inquiries have served researchers well in this generative and exploratory phase. But when it comes to artificial intelligence product development it’s essential to integrate data science into this human-centered process. In this workshop, attendees will learn when, how, and where to integrate data science into the exploratory research process to have better and more ethical AI product development outcomes. With a combination of lecture, case study examples, and exercises, attendees will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of why making data a stakeholder in user research will create a more ethical and human-centered AI product. This workshop is created especially for researchers who understand the need to mix ethnography and data science but just don’t know quite how to do it. Learn more

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