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Remote Research

Real Users, Real Time, Real Research

Remote Research


"Nate and Tony have done it! They've described beautifully one of the user experience profession's best-kept secrets—conducting remote usability tests. This book is a must-have for anyone thinking about remote testing, since it tackles everything you need from soup to nuts. I can't wait to get a copy for my own bookshelf. Oh, it also will melt your face remotely."
Jared Spool CEO and Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering

"Remote user research helped us find a good mix of users whose intent was to conduct the same tasks that we were examining on the AAA TripTik Travel Planner. It was thrilling for our team of developers, researchers, and managers to watch and hear travelers interact with the application in their own environments."
Renuka Sastri Manager of Publishing Marketing, AAA

"Remote Research is filled with sage advice, entertaining case studies, methods, and clear procedures that will benefit both new and experienced user researchers. Remote Research is an absorbing book that should be on the reading list of every user researcher. Kudos to Bolt and Tulathimutte for an engaging and informative guide to better remote research."
Chauncey Wilson Senior Manager, AEC User Research, Autodesk, Inc.

"The techniques in this book will make every designer's and user researcher's life much easier. Nate and Tony use the attitude and power of Web 2.0 technologies to create a new way of thinking about user experience research. They share their expertise clearly, concisely, and with a great sense of humor, giving practitioners step-by-step details to conduct remote research of virtually any complexity."
Mike Kuniavsky author, Observing the User Experience

"No longer must you only test your interfaces with people who come to your office or some expensive lab. So stop doing boring research! Stop having a boring life! Read this book!"
Mark Trammell User Researcher, Twitter

"Currently, there is a rapidly developing zeitgeist in cognitive science that views cognition as distributed, embodied, and embedded. This new view extends the reach of cognition to encompass interactions between people and with resources in the environment, and highlights how crucial understanding people in the context of their everyday real-world activities is for human-centered design. Bolt and Tulathimutte provide a delightfully clear and practical introduction to how to do remote research with real users in real time."
James D. Hollan Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science, University of California, San Diego

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