Meeting Design

For Managers, Makers, and Everyone

By Kevin M. Hoffman

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  • People resent meetings; usually deservedly so. But they’re really just a scapegoat for poor productivity. Using flexible and relatively simple techniques, it’s possible to make working together in meetings easier and more productive. Meeting Design takes a hard look at the design constraints of meetings themselves—such as time, number of people, and that pesky human brain (to name a few)—and provides tools to design the perfect meeting to solve the problem at hand. Regardless of where you are in a project, or the role you play in your company, Meeting Design will help you make more out of your meetings.

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    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Meetings Are a Design Problem
    • Chapter 2: The Building Blocks of Meeting Design
    • Chapter 3: Your Brain in Meetings
    • Chapter 4: Frameworks for Designing Real Time Collaboration
    • Chapter 5: Getting Started: Meetings at the Beginning of a Process
    • Chapter 6: Charting the Course: Meetings in the Middle of a Process
    • Chapter 7: Finding Closure: Meetings at the End of a Process
    • Chapter 8: Better Designed Meetings are The Future of Business