Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

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Looking for ways to improve your design planning and management process and tools? We’ve got you covered.
Whether you are an individual contributor or a DesignOps manager, everyone needs ecosystem visibility at multiple levels of altitude to help answer questions like:

  • What components am I working on next?
  • What screens use those components?
  • How many components and templates are complete?
  • What content types will be using those components?

You also need quick access to all the relevant design outputs that aren’t kept in a design system and are updated throughout the design process (e.g. information architecture, content types, taxonomies, interaction models, etc.)

When you work with Limina, we not only help you get UX done, but we empower your teams with new processes and tools to address the design planning and management needs and system thinking gaps in your organization

Interested in learning more?

  • As we partner with you, we will include our design planning and management templates and tools along with the design deliverables. You will see the tools in action during our collaboration, and we will empower you to own and manage the tools going forward.
  • Or, maybe you would prefer the mentorship or coaching approach? We can get to know your current state, introduce you to our process and tooling best practices, and guide you through the learning process

Psst…inside scoop: Design planning and management is a core knowledge management function that is deployed as you iterate through the design process