Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!


Accessible UX principles and guidelines

Using the accessible UX principles and guidelines, you can create websites and web applications that work for everyone—including people with disabilities. Each of the guidelines is explained and illustrated in A Web for Everyone.

Read the AUX principles and guidelines

We have also created a table that maps the AUX guidelines to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, in Appendix B.

Download the WCAG 2.0-AUX cross-reference

  • Appendix B, with WCAG text (PDF)
  • As a summary spreadsheet (XLS)

Personas combine research data from many sources into a fictional but realistic character. They are a great way to make sure your team considers all the different people who are served by innovative, accessible, universal design. set of personas can represent the entire world of people with disabilities, but we hope to bring some of the statistics and demographic data to life in the stories of these personas.

The personas are introduced in Chapter 2-People First, and used throughout the book to add stories to the examples and guidelines. All of the images are available on the Rosenfeld Media Flickr page under a Creative Commons Attribution License.”

Summary of the personas

Meet the personas

  • Trevor, a high school student with autism
  • Emily, a college student with cerebral palsy, living independently
  • Jacob, blind paralegal, a bit of a geek
  • Lea, an editor living with fatigue and pain
  • Steven, a graphic designer who is deaf and speaks American Sign Language
  • Vishnu, an engineer and global citizen with low vision
  • Maria, a bilingual community health worker and mobile phone user
  • Carol, a grandmother with macular degeneration

Profiles with industry leaders
Each of the chapters in the book includes a profile of someone whose work inspired us. Over the next several months, we will post full versions of these interviews, adding material that did not fit into the printed book.

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