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dscout is a qualitative remote research platform for unlocking in-context user insights. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative companies trust our suite of remote research tools to collect “in-the-moment” data that reveals their users and transforms their products and experiences. Recruit from our 100,000+ pool of participants, conduct seamless user interviews on video calls, collect in-the-moment responses over time, and leverage multimedia data to move the needle for your product or experience.

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GenAI Panel + Q&A

Learn what to consider as you research AI, the imperative for UXR to shape GenAI, and how their companies are approaching AI products, features, and integrations.

GenAI Adds Tension to UXR—But Can Also Bring Opportunity

The researchers we spoke to who have experience in the field of AI sense the enormous potential and pitfalls ahead. Read some of their most astute insights.