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Why use Balsamiq Wireframes when you have so many tools to choose from these days? Because of its unwavering focus on low-fidelity wireframing – Balsamiq makes it impossible to waste time fiddling with details. And it’s still the fastest tool out there, by far. With all new Web and Desktop Apps, Balsamiq has improved a lot since you’ve used it last… it’s time to give it another look!


Should PMs Wireframe? – The Ultimate Guide

We believe Product Managers can and should wireframe! All you need are some ground rules for doing it, and good communication with your teammates.

Here’s how.

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Early in projects, big or small, resist the urge to go with your first idea, and instead work to explore all kinds of possible solutions. This will allow you to better understand the problem you’re trying to solve, and help you avoid potential pitfalls later in the design process.

In this session we’ll explore commonly used design thinking techniques to help you push past the obvious ideas, generate many ideas, and find the right solution.