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Introducing Dan Hill and Jodi Forlizzi, featured speakers at the Designing with AI conference

March 27, 2024

Designing with AI is only two months away! We’re so excited to launch Rosenfeld Media’s newest virtual conference into the spotlight. So, what is this conference about, anyway?

At Designing with AI 2024, a Rosenfeld Futures conference, we’re moving past speculation to tackle pressing questions:

  • How can AI enhance the impact of UX professionals?
  • And, how do we avoid pitfalls from hasty AI integration?

Prepare to be inspired by cutting-edge case studies, demonstrations, and expert panels. #DWAI2024 will guide you to navigate AI’s role in UX design, research, and content creation responsibly. Join us for a virtual conference experience tailored for conscientious product designers and UX professionals, eager to harness AI’s potential while avoiding unintended consequences.

We’re especially excited to announce the featured speakers of Designing with AI 2024—Dan Hill and Jodi Forlizzi!

Who is Dan Hill, opening keynoter at Designing with AI?

Dan Hill is Director of Melbourne School of Design, the graduate school in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, and Professor of the Built Environment. He was formerly Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, the Swedish government’s innovation agency. A designer and urbanist, Dan’s previous leadership roles include Vinnova in Stockholm, Arup in Sydney and London, the Finnish innovation fund SITRA in Helsinki, Fabrica in Italy, and the Future Cities Catapult and the BBC in London. Dan is also a Professor at UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Practice and founder member of the Council on Urban Initiatives, a joint venture between UN-HABITAT, LSE and UCL. His books include ‘Dark Matter & Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Playbook’ (2012) and ‘Designing Missions’ (2022), and he writes at https://medium.com/@cityofsound.

Dan’s opening keynote, Designing for the infrastructures of everyday life, Dan will explore how everyday technologies, digital and physical combined, define how we live together; how they tend to articulate what we stand for as a society, or how our cities work — and what’s on the table now. Drawing together inspiring projects and cases ranging from Norway to Japan, and from new cities to reimagined regions, he will suggest how we might align design practices in order to address our contemporary shared challenges, like climate breakdown, social cohesion, and sweeping demographic changes.

Who is Jodi Forlizzi, closing keynoter at Designing with AI?

Jodi Forlizzi is the Herbert A. Simon Professor of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She is also a Faculty Lead in Responsible AI in the Block Center for Technology and Society and the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the School of Computer Science. Jodi has advocated for design research in all forms, mentoring peers, colleagues, and students in its structure and execution, and today it is an important part of the HCI community. Jodi studies the ethical impacts of human interaction with AI systems in front-line service industries including healthcare and hospitality. She also develops methods and tools to ensure that product developers can mitigate ethical harms and bias during product development. She recently testified to the US Senate in one an AI Innovation Briefing and collaborates closely with the AFL-CIO Tech Institute.

Jodi will close out the Designing with AI conference with her keynote, Design and AI innovation. This talk will set the context for the role of design in creating purposeful and pragmatic technology, both historically and today. Jodi will talk about some of the problems with AI innovation and show some examples from their research demonstrating the impact of design in creating, developing, and deploying AI systems, with the goal of creating better social systems, better economic relations, and a better world in which to live.


We hope you join us June 4-5 for Designing with AI 2024, which will feature fascinating talks such as these and more! Early bird tickets are on sale now until April 19.