Announcing our keynote speakers for Design in Product 2023

September 21, 2023

Our program is being created through an intense research-driven process, led by a curation team of senior practitioners, that identifies the issues, challenges, and ideas most important to you.

Who are the keynote speakers at Design in Product 2023?

Ellen Chisa

Ellen Chisa is a Partner at boldstart ventures investing in enterprise infrastructure, SaaS, and developer tooling companies. Before joining the boldstart team in January 2021, she was the CEO & co-founder of Dark ( a programming language coupled to its editor and infrastructure. Read more.

John Cutler

John Cutler focuses on the messy overlaps and patterns of product—The Beautiful Mess (the title of his newsletter). John currently supports product teams at Toast as Senior Director, Product Enablement. Before Toast, he interacted with diverse product teams and product leaders worldwide as a product evangelist and coach at Amplitude. Read more.

Opening keynote: The Values of Design

As designers, we have a core sense of our personal values and the value we bring to our users. Thinking about self promotion and finance can feel at odds with those values, but we do need to make sure our colleagues value our work, and that we’re adding to the value of our company. By the end of this keynote with Ellen Chisa, you should have answers to the question “how can I create more business impact, while still feeling like a designer?”

Closing keynote: The Alignment Trap

Product managers and designers have something in common. We are all in the coherence business. We need to make sense of things long enough to make progress. We express this in different ways, which can often cause conflict and misunderstanding, but the underlying need remains the same.

In this talk, John Cutler will explore what alignment really means in the context of complex unpredictable work, where we are constantly dancing between different levels of abstraction, frames, and perspectives.


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