Program Themes

Three days and three themes to help you,
your team, and your org scale in the face of uncertainty

Theme 1

Theme 1: Design Practices in Times of Crisis

Curated by Kit Unger

How does change around us affect how we respond, adapt and transform as a practice? On Day One, we’ll join together to explore:
  • Trends and hot topics based on in-depth surveys and interviews conducted with UX thought leaders over the past two years.
  • What design maturity means in a time of transformation and change and how we need to approach design maturity from the change management perspective.
  • Different management models that support transformation and result in successful outcomes.

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Theme 2

Theme 2: Design Processes for a New Normal

Curated by Lada Gorlenko

How can we adapt to thrive in a time of global change? How can we transform our processes to support the new normal? Day Two offers a collection of case studies on process transformations during COVID, and lessons learned, including:
  • Standing up to the challenge of supporting unprecedented operational transformation.
  • Skilling up teams during the pandemic.
  • Leveraging design skills to help survive and recover from big disasters.
  • Best practices of remote collaboration across time zones, disciplines and locations that are particularly relevant to large design teams.

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Theme 3

Theme 3: Design People—Caring for Individuals and Teams

Curated by Lada Gorlenko and Kit Unger

With both the new work conditions and Great Resignation upon us, how do we take care of our people, nurture our teams and help them thrive? On Day Three we’ll hear from leaders in the space who’ll be sharing actionable strategies to:
  • Take care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our teams.
  • Measure and improve employee satisfaction to drive customer obsession across the whole organization.
  • Build loyalty within a team and help designers thrive in the face of change.
  • Help our teams find meaning in their work that resonates with their hearts, not just with their paychecks.

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