Barb Spanton
Director, User Experience, Varian Medical Systems

With over 20 years of experience in UX design, Barb has contributed to this ever-evolving industry in a range of capacities. For the past 12+ years, Barb has been focused primarily on healthcare products, and has experienced first-hand the demands that this challenging domain puts on the most skilled and motivated product teams, as well as the rewards of doing this meaningful work.

In her current role, leading the UX team for Varian’s software products, Barb splits her time between enabling her global team’s work on the next generation of oncology care products, and constantly striving to grow the entire organization’s UX maturity to ensure that together, they approach some of healthcare’s most challenging problems with methods that will serve our patients and clinicians optimally. Highly active in the UX community, Barb has organized and spoken at industry events, most recently at the intersection of design and healthcare, and she has been heavily involved in teaching and mentoring the next generation of designers so that they’re ready to work meaningfully alongside us.